B12-806 Homer St. Vancouver BC CANADA V6B 2W5(Basement level)

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Shiatsu means acupressure in Japanese. It is a type of massage which uses finger and hand pressure on specific pressure points. It helps promote natural healing ability and helps relieve fatigue. We recommend this relaxation massage for people who have stiff necks, shoulder pain or lower back pain.
For our menu, we have massage times that goes from 15 minutes to 90 minutes. For 60 minutes and up, we do full body massage.

首、肩の凝り、腰痛でお悩みの方や 寝違え、冷え性などでお困りの方に幅広く対応致します。 お気軽に当店スタッフまでご相談下さい。一圧一圧、丹念に心を込めて指圧させて頂きます。


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B12-806 Homer St.
Vancouver BC Canada
(Basement level)
[tel] 604-318-0447
[hour] 11am-7pm